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Laurelhurst Village
3060 SE Stark St
Portland, OR 97214


A Note to Newcomers of Laurelhurst Village

First of all a warm welcome to you!  This is your home now and we hope you feel comfortable among us soon. We are here to serve you… 

We suggest that you honor your feelings. This is likely a big life change for you and change is always difficult.  It is truly okay to feel whatever you are feeling—anxiety and fear, disorientation or confusion, loneliness and fear, thankfulness and hope and peace.  Whatever… Feelings just are. Embrace your feelings and know you will be okay and find peace. plant in hand

It helps to try to embrace the present, and know this too is a gifted time of your life.  There are new people to meet, a new routine to adjust too, new foods to enjoy, new opportunities to enrich your life and a time to receive the support and help you need. This is not the end of the world, but a new beginning. All we have is the present.  Some sources of stress:

Physical:  Hopefully, you will be provided the best treatment possible for whatever health challenges you are dealing with. Older age brings a variety of physical ailments and your challenge is to be accepting of what you can and cannot change.

Emotional:  You might feel a sense of hopefulness or helplessness, but you have people around you to help you adjust and feel better. Others have felt quite happy here soon and we hope that is true for you!

Relational: Living here will change relationships with your family and friends but your support people are always welcome. Hopefully you will find people here to help you feel loved and appreciated. Making friends is more difficult as we grow older but it is possible and rewarding.

Spiritual: You might be facing challenges to your own faith and God’s love for you and end of life issues. You will find new opportunities to nurture your faith through Pastoral Care and Catholic Mass and the Sacraments and Interfaith opportunities provided. You are encouraged to nurture your faith whatever that is. Pastoral care is available to all residents.


  • Try to take each day as it comes and know that you will feel better and better. Keep smiling.  Smiling is good therapy and a gift you give to others too. Staff and residents will welcome you but you need to reach out too.
  • Share any of your concerns or needs with the staff and do not be afraid to ask questions. Staff and those around you are willing and anxious to be helpful to you.
  • Find out about the many activities which are provided and try to get involved and participate. You’ll probably find many opportunities fulfilling, enriching, and fun. Check out the daily schedule. Suggestions for your own needs and desires are welcomed.
  • Take an interest in others and share yourself too.  That helps us feel better about ourselves and these are all good people living with you. Enjoy!
  • Feel free to fix up your own living space and make it comfortable for yourself and include memories from your past and treasured mementos. Let the staff know if there is anything you need.
  • Try to keep connected with loved ones and friends as best you can. Stay interested in the news and what you have enjoyed—puzzles, the newspaper, reading, music, hobbies, gardening, whatever.  Life goes on if we help make it happen! This is called our “Golden Age” for a reason…
  • Try not to look back but embrace the present as your “New Normal” and see the blessings of each day.  Thankfulness is such an essential attitude to cultivate. There’s always so much to be thankful for. Make peace with your failures, and realize the great blessing you have been to others and that you can continue to make a difference.

Your life still has meaning and purpose. Get up, Dress up, and Show up!  We look forward to the gifts of love you bring to Laurelhurst Village. 

From Father John McGrann at Pastoral Care, 2013

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