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Laurelhurst Village
3060 SE Stark St
Portland, OR 97214


Laurelhurst Village Testimonials

Our residents, their families, and friends repeatedly share positive comments with us. Here are a few of their recent experiences:

“I cannot say enough good things about the rehab facility at Laurelhurst Village. In a short amount of time, the supervised exercises really got me back on my feet. The staff were so attentive and they always responded quickly when I called for assistance. The physical therapists who worked with me gave me great hope when I really needed that and I am forever grateful. I am so happy to be “Up and Adam” and now in assisted living and able to walk.”

“This place is amazing the people are so helpful and kind. When we first got there I was scared no one would joke and laugh with us in our time of hurt but they welcomed us with open arms. My dad has a long way to go, but as long as we are here I don’t mind one bit!”

“My mother was visiting from out of state when she became very ill. After eight days in the hospital, she landed at Laurelhurst Village for rehab. Their caring, professional staff went over the daily routines with us, gave us a tour and let us settle her in at our own pace. Her stay at Laurelhurst Village not only rehabilitated her body, but also renewed her new sense of independence. She enjoyed the social aspects of communal living at Laurelhurst Village like having meals with new friends, making puzzles, going to organized social activities and attending church at the beautiful chapel. It made her realize that she was very much ready to take the next step of her life and move to assisted living. Thanks to the staff and rehab program at Laurelhurst Village, my mother is now happy and living on her own in her new assisted living apartment. We are very grateful and highly recommend Laurelhurst Village.”

“The staff takes very good care of us and that gives me confidence in my older age that all will be well.  I love the variety of activities that are available and every day there is something I look forward to.”

“I am a retired geriatric nurse and I know that I will continually need more support as I get older.  I love living here!  I am a protestant, but the fellowship between the Catholic residents and myself is very pleasant.  There is only one God and we are sharing His blessings and fellowship.  Life is good!”

“My sons found this place for me and I’m really happy they did.  I like having people around and it’s amazing how well we all get along. I guess it helps that we have our own quiet apartment to go home to.  A volunteer plays cribbage with me each week. She wins sometimes but that is okay!”

“Laurelhurst Village is such a pleasant place to live.  After injuries from falling I decided to leave our large family home. My family and I are pleased that I am safe and that I have privacy and that a caring staff is here when I need them. We love our chapel, the beauty salon, lots of activities, an exercise group, games, movies, and field trips.  We’re busy living here!”

“My life is so much more relaxed here at Laurelhurst Village.  I have made some good friends and this has been such a happy 73rd year for me. The staff is tender, respectful, and quick to respond to my questions and needs. My favorite time of the day is early morning in my own kitchen with a cup of tea and the birds chirping outdoors.”

“I love my table-mates and we get together to watch the Blazers games on the big TV.  I moved here from the Laurelhurst Village Rehabilitation and I am so glad I did.  My daughters visit me and bring their children and they always feel welcome here.  My apartment is bright and I am gradually getting settled and my artwork hung. I have met such a variety of people that I never would have met otherwise.”

“My wife had died and then my dog.  I felt so alone and I was grieving and even confused when I moved into Laurelhurst.  I was hardly able to walk but after some physical therapy, I am now walking very well and I am glad it is warmer outside so I can enjoy the grounds. The staff has been so good to me and they are always cheerful and I have found peace.”